Personalised digital foiling

We all relish the personal touch, and this is no less the case when it comes to the marketing we are subjected to in print. We are now able to personalise in metal foil and then overprint in CMYK to create some amazing results. We work with a wide variety of companies and charities producing high end luxurious printed products with the added finishes such as digital foiling and produce all manner of things from metallic shelf strips and metallic window graphics to certificates with the recipients name in metallic foil.

If you were to stop and take stock at the leaps and bounds made in personalisation over the past decade or so, you couldn’t not be impressed.

Five years ago, the most you could expect was a messages that made a the recipient feel like they were being spoken to as a black only lazer overprint which would nowadays feel slightly underwhelming compared with some of the work we are able to create as we are now able to personalise in metal foil. Econsultancy’s research shows, 74% of marketers know that personalisation increases customer engagement. Curiously then, the same study highlighted that only 19% of marketers are actually using personalisation. We’ve created some stunning samples that we would love to share with you so please give me a shout on if you’d be interested to receive a pack. 

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